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Benefits of New Technologies for Development Projects

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At American Life, Incorporated, our investors are involved in some exciting construction projects, adding jobs to the US employment market and building impressive new projects that bring hotels, retail, and other facilities into important markets. Construction has always been a human resource-focused industry, but new technologies are augmenting the construction process, adding exceptional benefits to create a smoother development process. Companies are using augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and 3D imaging to bring the following benefits:

Design analysis. New technologies like AR and VR allow architects and designers to walk through the project before it’s even constructed, finding and correcting flaws before workers are on the site. Instead of guessing, designers can add or delete elements that they weren’t sure about when the project was on paper to increase the functionality of building.

Savings. Every feature of a new building will cost money to construct. If its not an efficient feature, the builder wastes money that could be put into more important features. Companies can easily view and adjust features of their buildings to the smallest detail, saving time and money on multiple architectural plan revisions.

Accuracy. New technologies allow developers to view all aspects of the building plan to obtain exact specifications for each element. This level of detail provides extraordinary accuracy in the project development.

Efficiency. That level of detail also makes project management easier, with fewer elements left unclear and a better big-picture view for planners. Project management is more efficient through these new technologies.

Safety. Risk analysis is a crucial factor in the construction industry. New technologies allow risk professionals to assess the job site before the crew arrives, identifying and mitigating hazards that cause injuries or increase insurance costs.

AR, VR, and 3D imaging are exciting technologies that don’t replace human resources, but instead improve efficiency and mitigate risks to help people do the best job possible. This makes commercial development projects even more profitable for its investors.

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