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Commercial Real Estate Investment Outlook 2019

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It’s been an exciting year for commercial real estate development, and we’re looking ahead now at 2019 to discover new trends that will have an impact. Our investors have had a successful 2018, and we’re anticipating another successful year for 2019.

Global investment in the US is a big part of the success in the industry, and our EB-5 investors have brought new jobs and fresh excitement to the commercial real estate industry. For 2018, the US led investment growth in the region, with an 11% increase year-over-year in global commercial real estate transaction volume. This is in part driven by the advantages of the EB-5 investment program, which gives foreign investors a pathway to permanent residency in the US.

Technology will continue to play an important role in successful commercial real estate investment enterprises. Tenants are demanding more technology integration to suit their ever-increasing need for technology infrastructure, and enterprises with a digital strategy are attracting more investors.

Along with technology, cyber risk management has become an important part of the commercial real estate enterprise, both for its own interests and that of its buyers and tenants. Companies that address these risks will likely see more investors in 2019.

Finding top talent is still a challenge, so markets that attract talented people provide the best investment returns. Successful markets attract diversity, provide ample infrastructure and opportunity, and provide top-notch schools, amenities, and services for employee families.

The investment outlook is positive for 2019, with 97% of global investors in one survey planning to increase their investment in commercial real estate this year. To become a part of the excitement, contact American Life, Incorporated today. Our professional advisors will discuss the best opportunities in optimal markets for the best returns on your portfolio. We oversee the entire development process, from site acquisition to construction and operations management. Contact us today at 206-381-1690 to reach our US office at 2710 S. Hanford Street, Suite 100, in Seattle, Washington, or connect with us at any of our international offices in Shanghai, Tokyo, or London.

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