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Comparing the EB-5 Visa to Other Visa Programs

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Here at American Life, Incorporated, we’ve helped thousands of investors achieve their goals of investing in the US and obtaining EB-5 visas. The program has been very effective for both investors and the US economy, adding countless jobs since its inception. Compared with other visa programs for entry into the US, the EB-5 visa has more useful benefits. Today, we’ll talk about a few of these advantages.

Many visa programs require that the recipient speak English, especially those with work requirements. It’s harder to get hired when you don’t speak English, even when you have special skills and years of experience, because employers want people who can communicate well both internally and with their clients. the EB-5 visa has no English language requirements.

For many programs, the recipient’s visa status requires business success. Instead of a passive investment, people are required to actively work at a profession. The EB-5 visa has no work requirements. While you are permitted to work or start a business anywhere in the US under the program, it’s not a condition of your presence in the US. As long as your investment creates ten new US jobs per the requirements of the program, you don’t have to oversee the day-to-day operations of the company in which you’ve invested.

While some visas require frequent renewals, the EB-5 permanent resident cards renew every ten years. This saves time and avoids the confusing paperwork required by other programs every few years.

Some programs require a sponsor. This can be especially difficult for people who don’t know anyone in the US but want to take advantage of the opportunities here. The EB-5 program has no sponsorship requirements, so you can be approved without having friends and family already in the country.

There are also special visa programs for people with extraordinary abilities and skills. Because the EB-5 visa process is an investor program, you need only have the financial ability to invest, not any special, extraordinary skill or talent.

Finally, the EB-5 program has a path to citizenship. Recipients of EB-5 visas are automatically eligible to apply for citizenship after five years. Once approved, you’ll receive a US passport and have the benefits of other US citizens. Citizenship is optional – if you want to simply keep your permanent residency status and not become a citizen, you may do so.

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