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EB-5 Investment Program – Benefits to the US

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The EB-5 investment program has definitely opened opportunity for investors. The program allows them to invest a specified amount in a development or redevelopment that then provides a visa for residency in the US – which may eventually become permanent residency. While it’s clear to see the benefit to investors, the program also significantly benefits the US in many ways.

The EB-5 visa program was initially created in the 1990 Immigration Act, which restructured the immigration system. While the act addressed other visa types and immigration regulations, it created the EB-5 program as a way to stimulate the US economy. In 1993, Congress enacted additional legislation that created Regional Centers for the EB-5 program, to better implement the process for investors. In 2003, additional legislation was passed to further revitalize the program.

The first benefit to the US is the significant increase in foreign investment that has been brought to the US. Since 2008, the US economy has received over $16 billion from foreign investors through the program. The development and redevelopment realized by the program has significantly improved the country’s economy.

Job creation is an important part of the stimulus created by the EB-5 visa program. According to the US Commerce Department’s most recent report (in January 2017), an estimated 174,039 jobs are expected to be added to the US economy due to the EB-5 visa program. Many of these new jobs are added in high unemployment areas targeted by regional centers and investors in the program, assisting US citizens and stimulating local economies.  

The EB-5 program has clearly been a significant benefit to the US, as well as the investors and their families. A spending bill passed this spring included an extension of this important program.

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