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EB-5 Investment – Q&A Part 2


Many of our clients have questions about the EB-5 investment program, so we have put together part two of our EB-5 visa questions and answers here. Last time, we discussed the who, what, and how of investing. In this installment, we’ll focus on some of the benefits of the program.


When do I get a green card? Green card applications are processed by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). After subscribing to a project and wiring the syndication fee, we will help you apply for green cards for you and your family through an I-526 petition. Petition processing usually takes about 15 to 20 months.


Who gets green cards? A single visa application is completed for you as the investor, your spouse, and your children who are under the age of 21.


Can my children attend college in the US? Yes, after approval of your EB-5 visa and green cards, you and/or your children can attend college in the US at in-state tuition rates.


Are there restrictions on where I can live? Once approved, you can live and work – and retire – anywhere you wish in the United States. You are not required to live in the same area as your business investment.


What about travel to my home country? Under the EB-5 Visa Investment program, you can travel to your home country whenever you like, with no restrictions on re-entry into the US. However, if you have been absent for a period of six months or more, you may need a re-entry permit. If you anticipate being outside of the US for this amount of time, please plan in advance.


When can I apply for permanent citizenship? The conditional green cards issued with the I-526 petition expire in two years. Three months prior to this expiration, you can file an I-829 petition for permanent citizenship in the US. While waiting on approval, your I-526 residency is extended for one year.
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