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Green Card Facts for EB-5 Investors


Most people know that a green card allows non-US citizens to live and work in the United States. Many of our EB-5 visa program investors have other questions about the benefits of their green cards. Here are a few helpful facts:

Green cards allow holders to live and work in the US permanently. Although there are exceptions for some jobs that require high-level, US-citizen only security clearances, green card holders can work at virtually any job in the US. Your green card also allows you to qualify for licenses that are required for some professions.

Freedom of travel is another important benefit. Green card holders can live in and travel between all US states freely and can exit and reenter the US easily. However, if you must leave the US for more than six months, there are some steps you will need to complete to ensure that your green card status remains intact.

In the EB-5 investor program, you can sponsor your spouse and children under the age of 21 for their own green card statuses.

All legal rights, other than the right to vote, which is reserved for US citizens, are granted to US green card holders. This includes many important health and retirement benefits, as well as the ability to obtain financing for purchases of property, cars, and other items. Green card holders qualify for in-state tuition at public universities and colleges, which is significantly less expensive than foreign tuition.

Finally, participants in the EB-5 program can apply for permanent US citizenship after five years, or you can elect to keep your permanent green card status and not apply to become a citizen.

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