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Immigration: A Crucial Factor in the US Economy

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Immigration is an important part of the economy in the US – after all, the US has been a country of immigrants from its inception, built by immigrants from many parts of the globe. Today, foreign investment is encouraged through the EB-5 visa program, which helps build jobs in the US through investors wishing to live in the US.

As of 2015, the US was home to 47 million immigrants, which is more than in any other country. Our country’s size, diversity, and economic opportunity makes investing in the US an attractive goal for people looking for new business ventures. In general, immigration to the US has trended up since the 1950s. In 2017 alone, over 1.1 million people came to the US from countries all over the world. That same year, over 60,000 people became naturalized citizens.

For the EB-5 visa program, there were over 9,000 visas issued last year. Because of a strong interest in the program in China, many of these people were from countries in Asia, with other immigrants coming from Europe, Africa, South America, North America, and Oceana. With its booming economy, the US is an attractive investment destination for people all over the world.

Top economists agree that both low-skilled and high-skilled immigration benefits the US economy. The diversity achieved through immigration has a positive result on both the US economy and US overall productivity. Immigration boosts trade for both goods and services, and it may offset negative effects of automation by increasing local demand.

Even the immigration process has increased jobs in the US over time, as visa application fees fund jobs for more interview officials and other positions to meet increasing demand.

Immigration has also increased innovation in the US, as entrepreneurs create new firms for unique services and products. immigrants have helped found many of the nation’s high-tech companies.

Immigration has always been an important part of the US culture and economy, and the EB-5 visa program was created to continue to enhance the benefit of immigration. If you’re interested in investing in the US, contact American Life, Incorporated today. Our investment professionals will help you throughout the EB-5 visa program process and provide profitable investment opportunities for your portfolio. Contact us online or at 206-381-1690 to reach our US office at 2710 S. Hanford Street, Suite 100, in Seattle, Washington, or contact us at any of our international offices in Shanghai, Tokyo, or London.

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