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New Technology Considerations in Hotel Design

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With hotel development a top priority for many real estate investors, the technology used in those hotels is a significant factor. In today’s market, the success of a hotel business depends on providing technology items and services that guests demand, and many of these are considerations that need to be addressed in the design process.

Bandwidth is the number one concern for many guests as people continue to access multiple devices to meet their needs. Providing sufficient bandwidth and fast internet service is crucial. As part of this service, guests are beginning to search for hotels that offer modern, high-tech lounges so they will have a place to relax and access technology in a social setting. Event customers demand high-tech in their meeting spaces. Ballrooms, event halls, and boardroom spaces need to be fitted with high-speed internet, screens and multimedia presentation facilities, and teleconferencing facilities.

Electronic key cards are becoming more familiar and have replaced conventional keys in many hotels, but even this technology may soon be a thing of the past. The new wave of room entry is through mobile apps. Technology allows guests to use their apps to access their rooms via scanning. New services such as this affect hardware and cost considerations during the hotel development phase.

In-room technology is also affected by today’s trends. Guests want the same technology experience that they have at home in their hotel rooms. This means that TV screens must be larger and that they must integrate with mobile technology, as well as enable guests to easily access services like Netflix. Voice technology is beginning to infiltrate service operations, with many guests preferring a device like Amazon’s Alexa for ordering room service or accessing concierge services.

Other new and upcoming technology innovations that will impact hotel services include robotics, gesture-controlled interactive walls, cost-saving high-tech energy options, and smart room controls. The integration of all this new technology is a significant consideration when designing new hotel properties.

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