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Technology Innovations in Real Estate Development

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Technology growth is everywhere. Just one piece of technology – the smartphone – has profoundly impacted our lives and is the forefront of today’s digital lifestyle. Every industry is affected in some way by technology, and real estate development is no exception.

Because technology has changed the way we live and work, it also changes expectations for the buildings we use for our homes and workspaces. Integrating technology into development has become more prevalent, and more important, in today’s marketplace.

Connectivity has become an expectation, and most developers think about connectivity infrastructure when they think about technology. But today’s innovations have evolved to include new technology for building efficiency, from management systems to climate control. Increasingly, new technology is used to improve energy efficiency in “green” buildings. New lighting, wall systems, and ventilation systems all help reduce a building’s energy footprint.

Technology innovations are also a part of building construction. New innovations in construction include autonomous robots that work alongside human construction workers that can cut product, fill trucks, and even lay bricks automatically. On some worksites, even self-driving trucks and machines are in use, improving productivity and saving construction costs.

Virtual reality is a useful tool for construction planning. In some cases, companies can save millions on costs when virtual mockups find ways to increase efficiency in the pre-construction phase.

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