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The Booming West Coast US Economy

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The excitement continues for investors of property development in the west coastal area of the US. While our investors continue to see profits from all our opportunities nationwide, today we’ll focus on some of the reasons that the west coast has been so successful.

Tech. Silicon Valley in California is one of the most famous centers for technology, but the entire west coast has a significant presence of the world’s top high-tech companies like Amazon and Microsoft. Amazon’s Seattle headquarters is the largest private employer in the city, and its Amazon Spheres facility is an innovative working space designed to be the perfect environment for creativity.

Innovation. While many people know about the west coast’s technology culture, many are unaware of the other innovative industries located in the region. Among these are medical technology, renewable energy, and green technology.

Trade. The west coast has been called the gatekeeper of global trade. Its major ports in California, Oregon and Washington exchange a wide variety of goods, especially from rising Asian markets.

Agriculture. With agriculture a major contributor to the booming west coast economy, there is also an emphasis on conservation innovation to keep this and other industries sustainable.

The presence of so many successful industries on the west coast of the US makes the area a popular place for US residents to call home, which further boosts its economy through this ample, qualified workforce. Companies headquartered here know how to bring out the creativity in their workers, and it shows in their success.

With the positive economic outlook in both the US west coast and the country overall, it’s a great time to invest in US building development. Contact American Life, Incorporated today to discuss our latest opportunities and learn about programs like the EB-5 investment opportunity. Our team of experts oversees the entire real estate process, including site acquisition, construction, and operations management, and we are dedicated to success for our investors. Contact us at 206-381-1690 in our US office at 2710 S. Hanford Street, Suite 100, in Seattle, Washington, or at any of our international offices in Shanghai, Tokyo, or London.

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