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India Booming as Emerging EB-5 Market

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EB-5 Investors Magazine reports Indians are becoming increasingly aware of EB-5 visas as EB-2 and EB-3 visas become even more backlogged due to H1-B reform. The United States is expected to see at least $100 million in EB-5 foreign direct investment from India by the end of 2017. According to the U.S. State department, EB-5 visas issued to Indian immigrants have increased nearly 30 fold since 2005.

The need for quality education and challenges of visa backlogs are the driving force behind India’s EB-5 participation. Many Indians looking to give their children access to quality education want to move to the United States before their children reach high school age. Furthermore, those who have children attending university in the United States want to ensure their children have work opportunities in the United States after graduation. Given that H1-B visas are now on a lottery basis, it has become increasingly difficult for Indian born college graduates to work in the United States. Children of EB-5 investors do not have to worry about their visa status as long as their parents are giving their children the required investments for EB-5.

In addition to post graduation visas, the environment and access to the United States market are also driving Indian EB-5 cases. Some Indians in the EB-5 investment program wish to move out of India due to the growing pollution problem and poor air quality. Meanwhile, others simply wish to move to the United States in order to tap into the United States consumer market. Investing in regional centers has become increasingly popular amongst Indian investors since they are considered have the lowest risk.

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