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Indians Prefer the Investment Route to a Green Card

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According to the Economic Times, an increasing number of Indians are lining up to spend a million dollars to start businesses in the United States through EB-5 investments. Assistant editor Rica Bhattacharyya reveals that the number of EB-5 visa applications from India has tripled in the last three years, illustrating the increasing eagerness among Indians to move to the United States.

Data from NYSA, a consulting group that specializes in EB-5 visa programs, indicates 25% of visa applications filed from India in 2016 were through direct EB-5 investments. While the global average for EB-5 investments is between 5-7%, Indians favor investing in the United States rather than just getting a Green Card. In fact, small groups of Indians are investing millions of dollars to create businesses in the U.S. since it is the fastest route to attaining a Green Card outside of marrying a U.S. citizen.

Currently, Indian-born applicants in the EB-2 advanced degree program encounter a nine year wait for Green Cards while Indians in the EB-3 skilled work program face up to an 11 year wait period. However, Indians entering the EB-5 investment program may have much shorter waiting periods before receiving their conditional Green Card. American Life, Inc. estimates that the waiting period could be between two and one-half years to three and one-half years. The wait depends upon the number of Indian applicants.

American Life, Inc. of Seattle has been an EB-5 Regional Center since 1996. Over 7500 US Green Cards have been issued to American Life’s clients. American Life is a real estate developer, specializing in luxury hotels and Class A office buildings in Atlanta, Long Beach, Los Angeles and Seattle. The company has many Indian investors and will open an office in Mumbai in early 2018.  Contact American Life at www.amlife.us

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