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American Life is the leader in EB-5 capital funding for real estate development. Since our founding by Henry Liebman in 1996, we’ve become the longest continuous operating regional center program in the U.S. We invest EB-5 funds in exciting projects that help revitalize communities, create jobs, appreciate in value and ensure successful immigration to the United States. American Life has completed EB-5 funded projects worth $1.5 billion in market value while helping thousands of client families from 50 countries successfully invest in and relocate to the United States. American Life employs rigorous standards to select quality projects, provides exceptional investment opportunities that create American jobs and helps revitalize communities. It’s no wonder we are the most trusted name in EB-5 immigration.

American Life is the most
trusted name in EB-5 immigration

Predictable Immigration Outcomes
We develop projects that fully satisfy the EB-5 requirements set forth by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services — ensuring compliance.

Safety & Security
We acquire, develop, build and renovate highly desirable projects in a city’s most sought after locations — minimizing the operational and market risk inherent in any real estate investment.

Further, we proactively — and comprehensively – manage our properties for long-term asset appreciation. By being highly engaged in this way, we tend to produce outstanding results across all market cycles.

Direct Equity Investment
When you invest with American Life, you get a ownership of the project — unlike most EB-5 real estate investment providers.

Henry Liebman - Chief Executive Office + rChairman of the Board - American Life Inc

A Message from Henry Liebman

Chief Executive Officer/Chairman of the Board and author of The Immigration Handbook.

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