Ken Clark, as the Director of Facilities at American Life, sets a high standard in building performance, benefiting both investors and tenants. His transition from a Project Manager/Director at SODO Builders to his current role at American Life is marked by a consistent demonstration of an unyielding work ethic, deep construction knowledge, and a mature leadership style. At SODO Builders, Ken’s close collaboration with American Life laid the groundwork for his seamless transition into property management, where he now manages complex designs, logistics, and maintenance challenges. 

In addition to his leadership in facilities management, Ken is also a licensed commercial real estate broker. This role enhances his comprehensive understanding of the real estate sector, blending operational expertise with strategic insights into real estate investment and development. 

Beyond his professional life, Ken’s passion for travel and exploration helps bring a unique perspective to his projects. Ken’s creativity reinforces his position as a dynamic leader in the fields of facility management and commercial real estate, making him an invaluable asset to American Life.